Substrate diameter 2’’, 3’’, 4”
Other properties Si face
4° or 8° off
Layer 4H-SiC
Thickness range 1 0 – 15µm
Thickness variation 1 (σ/mean) ≤ 10%
Electrical conductivity n type
Unintentional doping 2 (ND-NA) ≤1x1015 cm-3
AI incorporation 3 ≤1x1014 cm-3
Voluntary doping Nitrogen
Doping range 2,3 Up to 5x1018 cm-3
Doping variation 2,3 (σ/mean) ≤ 30%
Other services – on client’s request
Epilayer planarization Reduction of epilayer roughness down to <1Å
Detailed report on the layer properties FTIR, C-V, XRD, SEM and AFM results

1. Detailed thickness profile obtained by FTIR spectrometry
2. Carrier concentration determined from C-V measurements
3. Dopant incorporation determined from SIMS measurements