3C-SiC (111)

Substrate 1 Si(111)
Substrate diameter 2’’
Other substrate properties (thickness, doping type, resistivity, miscut …) Following the client’s request
Layer 3C-SiC (111) 2
Thickness range 3 0 – 1µm crack formation above 1µm
Thickness variation 2 (σ/mean) ≤ 30%
Electrical conductivity n type
Unintentional doping
N incorporation 4 ≤5x1016 cm-3
AI incorporation 4 ≤1x1016 cm-3
Voluntary doping Nitrogen
Doping range 3,4 5x1016 − 5x1018 cm-3
Layer polishing No
Backside polishing of the wafer No
Detailed report on the layer properties, including FTIR, XRD, SEM and AFM results

1. If necessary, wafers may be supplied by novasic
2. Pilot furnishing of research samples, in cooperation with CRHEA – CNRS, Valbonne, France.
3. Average layer thickness determined by sample weighing. Detailed thickness profile obtained by FTIR spectrometry
4. Dopant incorporation determined from SIMS measurements
5. For layers grown on 2’’, 275µm thick Si wafers